Welcome to the Billericay Chess Club Web site.

Billericay Chess Club is a small friendly club, which currently has around 15 full members, who range in strength from beginner level up to county standard.

The club would normally meet regularly on Wednesday evenings, in the Community Room at Anisha Grange, on Outwood Common Road. However, due to the present Corona virus pandemic it has, of course, been necessary to postpone all 'face to face' meetings at this time.

Nevertheless, despite current circumstances, the Billericay Club still remains active. Members and guests can access the Billericay Virtual Chess Club portal, on the LiChess, open-source chess server and this has been combined with a seamless communication channel, with voice and optional video link, that is maintained through the billericaychess portal, on a Discord server.

League chess activity is also now suspended and the club would normally be active in two regional chess leagues at this time of year. Billericay fields two teams in the North Essex League and a further team in the Southend & District League. The club competes in the highest divisions of both the Southend and North Essex League whilst the club's 'B' team competes in Division 4 of the North Essex League.

If you are interested in playing, or learning more about chess, please feel free to reach out to us, here at Billericay Chess Club and whether you are an existing Club Member, an experienced chess player or someone new to the game, we hope that you will something of interest, within the pages of this web site.

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League News

Due to the ongoing corona virus situation, all chess league fixtures are currently postponed.

However, the club has increased it's on-line presence in recent weeks and continues to hold a 'virtual' club night on Wednesday evenings.

Further details of all our on-line activities can be found on the Billericay Online page. Alternatively, please contact enquiries@billericaychessclub.org.uk if you would like any further information.

Billericay Online !
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Billericay Online is our newest web page.
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Latest Games
9. ... h5!
Inspired by the 19th Century Master,
Mikhail Chigorin, Rob Killeen allows 10. Nxf7
with a Queen sacrifice,
in this entertaining blitz game

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