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Engine Room

What is the Engine room?

Here, in the "Engine Room", we show information that relates to the actual web site itself.

This includes details of any technical or structural changes that we implement on the web site. You will see information on 'bugs and fixes' as well as any other web site updates or amendments. We also outline what the webmaster is working on and provide details of new features that are in the pipeline. Various web site stats. also allow readers to follow the development of the Club's web site.



Overview / News

The web site was created in October 2013. In March 2020, a secondary project was started to take the club fully 'on-line' so that we could continue to operate through the Covid 19 lock down. Work was undertaken to integrate Discord and LiChess portals and this now allows the club to offer a fully interactive online experience. As part of this process, some improvements and enhancements have also been made to the club web site.

On the 1st June 2020, we changed web host provider and took the opportunity to review web site security. We worked on web site features to make them "https" ready, and a TLS security certificate has now been issued for the site. This means that, unlike many small organization web sites, we now list as 'Secure', with a padlock icon, and this can be particularly useful for Google Chrome browsers. As a result, it does mean that we are no longer able to embed some league chess content, as we had done previously. Instead, the 'Team' web pages now hyperlink to the NECL and Southend League web sites.

What's Happening?

What's New
  • May 2020
  • Discord - Added 'WebBot' functionality to our Discord Server to help automate and simplify the set-up process for new joiners
  • Discord - Added 'Board Rooms' so that members can communicate 'one-to-one' on the particular Board
  • Embedded hundreds of You Tube Videos in the BCC web site and added the 'Opening Explorer' -
    a feature on new 'Library' page that allows you to easily 'click' to play linked video content
  • Added 'Billericay Online' web page - A new web page that links directly to the 'Virtual' set-up that the club has incorporated
    This includes links to our two portals Lichess and Discord. [LiChess : Our Chess Server] and [Discord : Our Communication Portal]
  • Updated Google information with a Covid Response message and details of our 'Online Portal'
  • The Club began Live Streaming Club Nights and featured Billericay Games played in the Essex Chess Rapid Tournament on LiChess
  • June 2020
  • Website Migration - Transferred to Krystal Web Host
  • Added 'Favicon' - The BCC chess board logo now appears as an icon on internet browser tabs
  • Added Personalized 404 page for unfound web page notification
  • Added SSL Encryption certificate to Web site - This means the Club Web site earns a 'padlock' icon and no longer shows as "Not Secure" in Google Chrome Tabs
  • Built an interactive 'Customer Support' style 'Live Chat'feature that allows a website browser to web chat directly with an online club Admin
  • Sep 2020
  • Built Chess Broadcasting and streaming functionality
  • Nov 2020
  • Integrate Discord 'Member Online' chat icons to feature on the club's 'Live Stream' TV output
Recent Fixes
  • May 2020 - Fixed css bugs and enhanced box item formatting
  • June 2020 - Resolved issues identified on that prevented the SSL web site security being applied
  • June 2020 - Amended 'Team' web page (added content and amended hyperlinks).
    External league content could no longer be embedded in the site, unless that source is also listed as 'Secure'
    An Added benefit is that the 'Team's web page is now more 'responsive' and, in keeping with the rest of the site, now views better in mobile devices.
  • Nov 2020 - Added Automated Message Response to 'Live Chat' requests to cater for occasions when operator may not be immediatly available
  • Nov 2020 - Hyperlinks on 'Players' web page now also link to the new ECF Ratings website.
Work In Progress
  • Building a Web-bot (Artificial Intelligence) to handle certain web Chat queries, for when there is no Club Admin, 'online'
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Minor bug affecting the header layout, in mobile devices
  • Further building Billericay 'Chess TV' functionality and investigating various streaming options
  • Embed Chess Videos to 'Resources'
  • Add Additional content
  • Build & Format further 'Links' web page

Web Stats.

Web Stats.

In October, 99 unique visitors, viewed the club website 261 times (this is down from 182 & 308, the previous month). This drop may reflect the fact there were fewer website updates in September/October. However, it does mean that average 'Re-visits' per user increased from 1.69 to 2.64. The number of page views ('hits') and the total time spent on the website per visit is also increasing. This suggests that overall website engagement trends are improving.

Oct 2020
Unique Visitors
No. of Visits
Avg Visits per User
Spider & Robot Visits

Duration on Website
Visits Percent
0s - 30s
220 84.29%
30s - 2mn
4 1.53%
2mn - 5mn
5 1.92%
5mn - 15mn
10 3.83%
15mn - 30mn
5 1.92%
30mn - 1h
4 1.53%
13 4.98%

'Website Visitor Count'
  • 288 - Jun
  • 337 - Jul
  • 247 - Aug
  • 308 - Sep
  • 261 - Oct

Webmaster - 22/11/2020

Content & Structure


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5. Academy:
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6. Resources:
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7. Billericay Online:
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We wish to credit ECF, NECL & S&DCL web sites that provide much of the league and grading information that appears in a syndicated form, within the structure of the Billericay Chess Club Web site.


The Webmaster of is Robert Killeen

Last Page Update : 22/11/2020