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7th Essex Chess Rapid on LiChess

On Wednesday 25th June, over 30 North Essex League players competed in another 'Essex Rapid' tournament, on the LiChess server. With a time control of 15 minutes base time plus a 5 second increment for every move played, the 2 hour on-line tournament was fast and furious and ended with Chelmsford player, Russell White as the eventual winner. The tournament format gave 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss. However, two consecutive wins also started a double point streak, allowing players to begin earning double points until they next fail to win a game. There was also the ability to go 'Berserk' in the tournament, which gave you the chance to win one extra point (i.e. 3 for a win, 5 for a streak win or 2 for a draw) but, for this, the player had to forfeit half of their 15 minute base time as well as their 5 second incremental.

In 2nd place, Colchester Player, Panagiotis Kanellop (wireless78) scored an impressive 100% score from 6 games and opted to go 'Berserk' in all but one of them.

3rd place went to Billericay player, Rob Killeen, who recovered from a 1st round defeat against John Staplehurst of Witham with a 7 game winning streak, that culminated with a fortuitous win against the eventual winner, Russell White.

Full tournament details can be found on the the LiChess tournament link here

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2153 29


2209 25


2008 24


1920 18


1673 14


1751 14


1801 12


1893 11


1819 11


1813 10